It is not unusual for people to start a small business after leaving a career in the military, intelligence, law enforcement, or emergency services. Whether the business is focused on advising and consulting related to their former career or a brand-new creative endeavor, this type of business owner brings a unique perspective to running a business.

Virginia & Washington DC Small Business AttorneysGuideOn Legal Services understands this perspective. Our professionals have vast knowledge earned through military and small business experience, as well as careers in large companies in a variety of capacities—from running a Fortune 500 company to working in the private wealth division of several large banks. They bring this expertise to the table as they advise clients in Virginia and Washington, DC about every aspect of starting and running a small business.

Your One-Stop Shop for Small Business Legal Services

Most small businesses don’t have the resources or the need to employ a full-time staff lawyer, but every business needs legal services from time to time. With GuideOn Legal Services, clients get cost-conscious, efficient, and skilled business legal services as needed. We provide our small business clients with the following services:

  • Entity formation. When starting a new business, entrepreneurs can benefit from legal advice to help them choose the appropriate entity to achieve their goals, minimize taxes and protect their interests.
  • Succession planning. Making plans for what will happen to your business if something happens to you or one of your partners/co-owners (disability, divorce, death, withdrawal, sale) should be a part of any good start-up plan. Drawing on our estate planning practice, we help businesses make smart decisions by integrating contingency planning for each of these triggering events. 
  • Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements. Employees come and go, particularly given the transient nature of our population. Protect your intellectual property, contacts, and clients with well-crafted non-compete and non-disclosure agreements for your employees.
  • Exit strategies. When your business is new, you probably can’t imagine wanting to leave it behind one day. However, if the time comes to move on, you want a legally sound exit strategy to help you get the most out of it. We will explain options such as mergers, acquisitions, liquidation, and more.
  • Contract & lease development and reviews. Along with drafting contracts, leases, and other legal documents for our clients, we also review such documents issued by their business partners to ensure our clients' interests are protected.
  • Teaming agreements. Government contracts are hot commodities in our area, and working with another contractor to bid on a project could be a smart move. However, you will want an ironclad teaming agreement before you enter into any such arrangement.  These documents are tricky and can be unenforceable if not done propertly.
  • Bid and proposal support. We are uniquely qualified to help small businesses with bids and proposals. Our experience advising large companies on similar matters means that we know how to represent small businesses in teaming with the “bigs.”
  • Insurance advice. Insurance companies are going to try to convince you that you need every kind of coverage they offer. However, you probably don’t. We will help you sort through what you really need when it comes to insurance.
  • General Counsel functions. With GuideOn Legal Services, you get all the advantages of having an attorney at your fingertips without having to employ one full-time.

Whatever your small business concerns or questions are, we have the legal answers you need.Virginia & Washington DC Small Business Attorneys

We Understand What Your Small Business Needs

You are an entrepreneur, not an attorney. You have a product or service to provide and know how to grow and market your idea. However, without reliable outside legal advice, you could be risking the success of your endeavor.

At GuideOn, we understand what you want in an attorney. You want to be sure that: 

  1. Your daily transactional business is legally sufficient.
  2. You are not wasting your money on unnecessary legal services.
  3. Your attorney understands business, with deep ties in your industry.
  4. Your attorney will answer your calls and provide efficient solutions.

These are the cornerstones of our small business practice area: reliable, responsive, and cost-conscious business expertise. If that sounds like what your small business needs, get to know GuideOn Legal Services today.

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GuideOn Legal Services provides a practical approach to small business law. From our offices in Fairfax and Richmond, we proudly serve Virginia and Washington DC. Can’t make it to one of our offices? We can meet virtually when convenient for you to discuss your legal needs. Contact us today.