Virginia & Washington DC Estate Planning AttorneysDue to the proximity to our nation’s capital, Virginia and Washington, DC are home to a unique population of workers and retirees. Many current and former servicemen and women, members of the intelligence community, law enforcement officers, and first responders call our area home. While our doors are open to everyone, founder and attorney Jack Grimes and the legal team at GuideOn have special connections to this public service community and provide the specialized estate planning legal services they need to protect their families and preserve their values. 

As military veterans and JAG Corps officers serving in the Reserves, members of our firm relate to our clients on a personal level. Through our Live Long, End Strong® philosophy, we help all of our clients embrace life as they develop an estate plan that honors their wishes and accomplishes their goals.

What Does it Mean to Live Long and End Strong? 

The key to the GuideOn Legal Services difference is focusing on life and healthy living rather than on the inevitability of death. Yes, estate planning is partly about getting your affairs in order and setting aside assets for loved ones after you are gone, but we believe this can be accomplished through a philosophy that embraces life and encourages healthy habits, such as exercise, good nutrition, and mental wellness. We provide our clients with a full lifecycle approach to estate planning that is unique in the field.  

Our Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

While we pride ourselves on our unique approach to serving a special population, GuideOn Legal Services also covers all the bases when it comes to estate planning tools and services. We are passionate about helping families plan for life’s unknowns, and we bring a background in finance and investing to the estate plans we help our clients create. Our services include:

  • Legacy planning. You want to do more than just transfer assets to your heirs upon your death. With our legacy planning approach, we will explore your values, discuss charitable giving, and determine your goals for the next generation. Then, we will craft a plan that accomplishes your goals and protect your values.
  • Wills & trusts. Wills and trusts are key documents in an estate plan. We will work with you to draw up documents that offer simplicity, value, and quality as they deliver the results you intend.
  • Elder law. You deserve dignity and respect as you age. Our elder law tools protect seniors from incapacity and abuse as they navigate complex federal benefits and programs. It’s never too soon to plan for your senior years.
  • Probate administration. We serve as your partner and advocate throughout the probate process, offering responsive, caring administration of decedents’ estates and ensuring the dignity and realization of the estate plan.
  • Tax & risk mitigation. A strong estate plan avoids unnecessary taxes and protects against the common risks that can undermine plans. Our knowledge of Virginia and DC estate taxes ensures that your assets are protected.
  • Lifetime planning. Estate plans are not just about the future. With lifetime planning, we assess your current financial situation and help you articulate both short-term and long-term goals. By looking at the big picture, we can help you create a plan that will fit you for a lifetime.

At GuideOn, we want you to feel at ease. We always take the time to explain complicated estate planning issues in layman’s terms—that’s what sets us apart from other estate and probate attorneys. We’re committed to helping people from all backgrounds and family make-ups, and have deep experience helping those who work in public service.

Unmatched Preparation and Experience

Virginia & Washington DC Estate Planning AttorneysAt GuideOn, we have spent our careers doing estate planning for diverse families in every imaginable situation, and we bring knowledge and experience to our clients that are unmatched in Virginia and Washington DC.

If you are a current or retired military, law enforcement, intel community, first responder, or anyone else who needs a skilled and caring estate planning attorney, complete our contact form or call us to schedule a consultation today. We will walk you through what we can do to help you protect your values and your family.