Jack Grimes was incredibly professional when he assisted me with a quick-turnaround review of a contract for a new client. We first spoke on the phone, so I could give him some background and he could better understand my needs before proposing his fee - trying to give me best value while understanding I'm a very small business trying to get by during a global pandemic. After performing his review, he not only provided digital comments directly into the document, so they were easy to follow, but also explained why he suggested each edit and the associated risks of the contract language. He even provided comments about items that weren't applicable to my company now, but may be in the future as we grow. His clear and thoughtful input put me in a strong position while negotiating the contract (most of the suggested edits were accepted by the client) and provided me a helpful resource for future contract reviews. I would strongly recommend GuideOn Legal Services!

---CEO Jilian Breeden, Engage Federal, LLC