Mr. Grimes is by far the best lawyer I have ever encountered in my life. I found him by luck, a close friend referred me to her lawyer who in turn referred me to Mr. Grimes when he realized he wasn’t the right fit for my case. I ran into concerning times with my Grandmother, her not allowing the medical help she required. With family members moving with lack of integrity I knew what I was taking on was a big feat. Jack reassured me that there would be a positive outcome no matter what and that he wouldn’t allow anything other of the sorts. He fought for the safety and well being of my Grandmother right by my side and now she has everything I initially had requested for her. He is patient, compassionate and willing to go the extra mile for his clients. He gives you the courage to do what you need to do and doesn’t back down until it’s done. I will recommend him forever and ever!

--Athena Coleman, Bealton, Virginia